Environmental responsibility

As our chief ecologist says, "Man is not the king of nature, but its tenant, and he rents it from his own children. Few people could have said it better. All the work of the company is built around this approach, so ALROSA strives to minimize the negative impact on the environment. Every year we allocate about 5 billion rubles for this work.

ALROSA and nature

We're trying to preserve the water. There are no problems with it in Russia, but we know that there are many regions in the world where a bottle of water is worth its weight in gold. Today, we have minimized water intake from external sources. Most of our production facilities are equipped with a water recycling system - that is, they use the same water in a circle, filtering it after use and re-launching it into the production chain. Why take a new one if you can use what you already have?

We also try to purify water, both our own and someone else's. As a key company for the whole region, we are equipping treatment facilities not only with our own facilities, but also with municipal services.

We're trying to save energy. Much of the energy we use comes from a hydroelectric power plant, but there are also "classic" sources. We are converting our boilers to gas fuel, because it is more ecological and does not create emissions into the environment. We are also upgrading our equipment so that it consumes less energy for the same work.

We try to minimize waste and emissions. Fortunately, in terms of emissions, the diamond mining industry is one of the cleanest in mining. Our production cycle does not include pyrolysis or other processes that could vaporize harmful substances. The main source of our emissions is dust and machine emissions, which we also seek to convert to gas fuel.

We're also carefully disposing of the garbage. These are mostly waste rock - rocks and sand left behind after extracting ore from the ground. They are stored in specially designated places, and sometimes used for good deeds - for example, for dumping roads.

Mirnynsky Gok

Dmitry Tour.

We're keeping nature alive. In the reservoirs of Yakutia, we regularly infiltrate fish, which purify them and maintain a good biological environment. Disrupted by drilling or extraction of land - we restore and plant flowers and trees.

We help protect the wild deer population, so with the help of GPS we monitor the movement of herds and stop the movement where they cross the road. We have also built the Living Diamonds Park, an area with Finland where sick or rare northern animals can live in a natural environment.